Saturday, September 12, 2015

Review Army Men World War: Land, Sea, and Air, hilariously authentic

A several days before. I'm looking for information on the Army Men World War: Land, Sea, and Air, so i have to tell.

This is the first game that i bought with my new PSone and love it. It's pretty cool because you get to fly a bomber and work the gun turrets and you can ride in a tank, PT boat, sea battle, jeep and chopper. on the contrary, the person who wrote a review for this game and said it was easy, well, it's not. He was lying or was using game shark or something. I played playstation for a while so its not me that is bad, it's a hard game. some levels are difficult whereas other

Army Men World War: Land, Sea, and Air

Review 3DO's Army Men franchise is a successful one, with more than 20 games, related books, and numerous merchandising tie-ins. However, despite this success, the games themselves are never any good. The visuals are usually poor, the gameplay is contrived, and the fun factor tends to peak upon your tearing open the wrapper. Bearing this in mind, 3DO is back with the latest in .... Read more or Check Price

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